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Did you know this about the environment around you?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

When you examine yourself, can you confidently claim that you are the person you had always aspired to be? If you answered yes, then I wholeheartedly congratulate you. Perhaps, you could agree, however, that some aspects of your dream had not actualized, and occasionally you ask yourself – “why?”. Allow me to ask you: If you could have a clear image of what success means to you and not to others, would you know the answer for yourself? And if I asked you to describe your vision, could a clear image be painted to serve you as a map? To achieve what you want, you must first be able to draw this image in your mind. And the better you know what you want and value, the more clear and precise this image will be. As children we spent a good amount of time drawing. Whatever the images were – trees, leaves, people, cats and dogs or flowers, what we wanted and enjoyed about our life, and the images were always simple and clear. In the process of drawing, children are not concerned with drawing “the right” image but are gratified by the simple joy which arises in the present moment. These gentle efforts were always rewarded in some way or another, in a way of a compliment, acknowledgement, encouragement, a goodie – a reward, ultimately. The enjoyment of doing what brought peace and happiness, brought a reward, isn’t that fascinating? But for some reason, when we grow older we forget how good we were at creating or drawing what we wanted to have or to be, and all the encouragement and prizes which were received for it. We get busy with education, society, work, family, health issues and … we forget about the creative potential within ourselves. We work hard, but end up copying from each other, repeating the same ordinary life others had. This process of recycling, left us though as overloaded processors needing a programming designed by others. How are we ever to live a happy and fulfilled life, if we are living and creating in the image of others and not from our unique visions? Images play a more important role in a human life. They have the power to take you anywhere with them from the past, to the present, and the future. Images plant ideas in the mind by providing different feelings. Do you notice how movies do that to you? They take you to different emotional states, inspire your imagination, and create a road map for aspirations in your subconscious. Sometimes, a good movie will have you so emotionally involved that it feels as though you are living through the main character. This is the testament to the power of clear imagery.  By knowing what you want and value, you allow your imagination to perceive yourself with clear detail in the role which you want your life to lead, and then like a roadmap you follow this until all components of your life actualize as it. Let’s say if I ask you now to pick up a pen and draw a version of a “successful you” on a piece of paper, could you, do it? If you have a clear image of what you would like to see yourself and your life as, you are already on the path, and the image will serve you like a map with all the ways and details and dimensions on it. With this clear vision, you become the producer of the movie of your life and you chose the role which you want to play in it. When you have a clear answer to what success means to you and not to others, you will be able to use this tool to get all those goodies like you used to get in your childhood back again in your life, and you will actualize the potential to be the award winner of your life! So, who is stopping you?

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