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Maybe you have never heard this question, but let me ask you, what color is your life?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Colors resonate different frequencies and different vibes making each one has a unique influence on our environment. They should be chosen with care as they can literally affect your mental health, your work and relationships. You could become a much happier person by understanding the effect of Colors on your mood. For example, yellow is the happiest Color in the spectrum, A sunny day will not only boost your mood, it may increase levels of a natural antidepressant in the brain. The researchers say their study shows that the prevailing amount of sunlight clearly affects serotonin levels in healthy individuals. And now that you know this by adding yellow to your outfit or yellow lights in your home décor you will lift your spirit.

We draw attention to ourselves when we wear more vibrant colors and radiate positive energy. Conversely when we choose Colors close to our skin tone, we tend to look tired and pale. Our friends may even express concern that we don’t look well, and question whether things are going wrong in our lives or we are coming down with an illness. Their concern is enough to bring our energy level down and make us believe that that yes, we are stressed or unwell. This is not what we, our customers or even our bosses want. We should aim to dazzle others with our positive energy.

Colors have an effect on our moods and productivity; however, there are many other factors that affect our energy levels. You can still work out in your black outfit or be productive in your grey suit; however, you can achieve far more if you choose Colors that enhance your mood rather than work against you.

So what color is your life? Or if you don’t know, what color do you want it to be?

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